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Are “Best Practices” Dragging Your Organization Down?
When APCIS invited me to be part of next October’s international conference on best practices for global supply chain and operations management, I started exploring ideas revolving around best practices, including this deceptively simple question: What is a best practice, anyway? Many organizations fail to understand the true meaning of “best practice,” erroneously treating this term as synonymous with “staying ahead of the competition.” In fact, these organizations are simply following standard practices. After all, what organization is not aiming for increased competitiveness? To make true industry leadership possible, organizations need to continually evolve, and that includes evolving their so-called best practices: standing still does not make an organization the best at doing whatever it is doing (it takes only one innovator to leave you in the dust). The miserable truth is that a whole industry exists around the notion of process improvement, and this industry has been oversaturated with the use of “best practice” as a pure buzzword. My point: If you are guilty of “best practice” behavior and are not trying to enhance your processes, you are already behind the eight ball.
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