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Platforms we support
room server
Companies of all sizes can use these servers' platforms
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room server
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 Beta Available Today
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room server
Adding clients and administering services couldn’t be simpler
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Our services
  • Business process system
    • Design of infrastructure & operation process of organization founded on TQM.
    • Document all process of each units & sub units.
    • Design & command the e-form.
    • Deploy & implement the e-office & portal based on total system.
    • Control & observe the operation to arrive on automated process.
    • Provide the chart of organization & deploy the human resource system.
    • Suggest the newest solutions for more profit and less cost on commerce & produce.
  • Communications and Netware
    • Study, design and install the network infrastructure based on quality and quantity.
    • Study the available equipments & optimum use of them.
    • New & up-to-date design of infrastructure, deploy them.
    • Propose the solution for connecting the branch office distributed inside & outside.
  • Hardware & software
    • Install & support the hardware & software.
    • Control & manage the integrated software package.
    • Consulting on buy & install the new hardware & software.
    • Optimum use of hardware & software with help of virtualization method.